Learning new Web-based Applications

This week our assignment was to look at new web-based applications we haven’t used before. I chose to look at the Mind mapping website popplet. This website was pretty neat and fairly easy to navigate to use. I found that this website could easily be integrated into any subject area. I think that it could be a pretty useful tool for students to get their thoughts and ideas down in one place. Students can work independently or work collaboratively.

I actually wish I had come across this a month ago when I started introducing informational writing to my grade 5’s . We could have used it has a start to thinking about topics, questions they had, and what they wanted to learn about their topic. All thoughts and ideas could be in one easy accessible place. Students could then share with me and then it would be in one easy place to check in with students. Students can also link videos and websites to their mind map for future reference.

To test it out, I started to create a mind map of my own. This is to begin organizing my online module for class. Here is a rough outline of what I have started to map out.


I was super excited about this app and began to think about the different ways I could bring it into my classroom, but as I dug deeper, this app isn’t completely free. Upon signing up, you can create 1 free popplet, but if you want to create more you are required to pay for the subscription version. The cost is fairly inexpensive $19.99 USD for a solo subscription. The website does say that group/school subscription is coming soon, so I was unable to investigate the cost for that at this time.

I was disappointed that this app wasn’t completely free as I felt it could be something I would use with my students.

My overall review would be 2 stars – due to the fact that if I wanted to create additional popplet maps I would need to pay for the yearly subscription

5 thoughts on “Learning new Web-based Applications

  1. Hi Jacquie,

    This mind mapping tool looks pretty cool! It definitely looks like something that would be useful in planning writing or research projects. It’s too bad they charge the yearly subscription if you create more than one. It seems to be a common theme that the apps are advertised as free but there always seems to be a catch. Thank you for sharing the Popplet you started.



  2. Hey Jacquie,
    I would love to try this with my students as we move to towards Heritage Fair. Popplet seems like it has a lot of capabilities and I especially like that you can embed links into it!
    I am getting a bit frustrated with the subscription prices for many of these tools. It can really add up! Also, it depends on the class, on year loves it, the next year does not.


    • I totally agree with you. I got really excited because I began to think about how I could use this tool with some other upcoming projects I have planned, but if I were to purchase the subscription it would only be for my use only, not my entire class,


    • Hey, thank you for the review! I had not heard of Popplet before. I agree with you though about the price of all of these tools could add up quickly. This seems like it would be a really great way to review the concepts of a unit that you have taught already. Each day you could open it up and review what has been taught, teach your new lesson, and then at the end of the day either add to it. If you did worked with the students in how to do this, during the next unit, the students could build their own with their take-aways. It would be interesting to see what the kids could come up with.


  3. Money…..so frustrating. Nothing good is free anymore. I digital brainstorming mind mapping space sounds great though. Would be neat if it then helped write the essay next.


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