Simple Machines – Feedback

First of all, I would like to say I really appreciate the feedback on my first module for my Grade 5 Simple Machines unit. I really valued what both Kendra and Leah had to say – so I thank them both! I was a little worried that I was not on the right track, I questioned whether I had enough content. After reading their feedback, I felt much better.

To address some questions:

Students will already have knowledge on how the functions of google classroom and google slides, docs, forms work, they will already know how to slides as this is something we have done in other subjects.

As attendance sometimes can be an issue, students will have to opportunity to work in class or access from home. If needed, videos can be made for student instruction, for those students working from home.

Module 1 was intended to be more indendent, but in modules 2 and 3 students will be given the opportunity for hands on learning. In module 2 – students will work in groups to demonstrate their understanding of Newton’s 3 laws of motion – as this experiment will be done in class, students working from home will video their experiments to demonstrate their learning. In module 3 to wrap up student learning on Simple Machines, students will participate in a Simple Machines Stem challenge. Students will be given the idea of what the simple machine will be, but it is up to them to decide how make their simple machine and to test it out to see if their design was successful.

I never thought of the idea of, when students begin working in google slides or docs to link the google form or other activities directly in the first document they are working in, so they don have to flip back to the assignment. Thank you for that suggestion, I will keep that in mind going forward for modules 2 and 3.

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