Well that’s a Wrap – Prototype Submission Complete!

March of 2020, teachers every where were thrown into the world of online learning. Some where fumbling and learning their way through it as they went along and some already had a solid background and knew what to do. I was one of those teachers fumbling and learning my way through it as I went along. I already had a decent knowledge of Google Classroom, as I already had my class up and running on it since the beginning of the year. But I was learning how to deliver meaningful content for my students.

If I had learned anything over the past 2 years it has been to be flexible in my content delivery. Enter EC&I 834, this was my first class of my Master’s program and it has been so useful, I have learned about and looked at many great tools that can be incorporated into the classroom.

Course Overview

This assignment has given me the opportunity to create something meaningful and useful to use with my current class and future classes. I designed my prototype for my Grade 5 class. I decided to do a Science unit. I focused on Forces and Simple Machines which is one of my favorite units to teach. My course overview can be found here. I originally thought we had to prepare 3 modules, My first 2 modules were on Force and Motion and module 3 was going to be on Simple Machines, so two modules have been completed and the shell of the third module is ready to go. My course is designed to be completed synchronously. Students will work on the modules in class and students are given the opportunity to ask questions and work with a partner. If I have students working from home, they will be able to access all materials. All modules will be placed on Google Classroom, as this is a format my students are already familiar with. In past or previous activities, students will already know how to edit the google slide. Students will have the opportunity to do activities on Quizzizz or blooket. These activities can either be completed independently or whole class.

To access my course, I have created a mock student, you can use the following login information:

Google Classroom

user: studentECI834@gmail.com

password: classEC&I834

One thought on “Well that’s a Wrap – Prototype Submission Complete!

  1. A great though to end on, “Be flexible”. I think that this course and my learning through the semester has reinforced that idea. There are so many ways to do things, I was reminded that I really only understand a few of them! haha. Great work in your course development!



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